The 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar: Holiday Dollar Bills Christmas Countdown

The 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar: Holiday Dollar Bills Christmas Countdown

The 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar: Holiday Dollar Bills Christmas Countdown

For a quick recommendation, the 12 days of Christmas Dollars Advent calendar is one of the best ideas for a fun and unique advent calendar this holiday season. 

We're all excited for Christmas to arrive! As we all look forward to festive winter decorations, putting up your Christmas tree and enjoying hot cocoa as the weather turns cold, the Christmas Advent calendar is another cherished holiday season tradition which many families look forward to each year. 

What is a 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar?

A 12 days of Christmas advent calendar is typically a calendar which counts down the remaining days to Christmas by revealing a gift with each passing day until Christmas. Each gift is usually held behind a opening/closing window or compartment labeled with the number of remaining days to Christmas still to go.  Once the compartment is opened for the day you're on, your special gift for that day is revealed! Christmas Advent calendars can range in duration from a month all the way down to a week. Common calendar lengths are 24 days, while calendars made to commemorate the 12 days of Christmas lore are 12 days in duration. In short, with a 12 days of Christmas Advent Calendar you'll have interesting gifts to look forward to for each of the 12 days leading up until Christmas! The opposite can be true as well with some choosing to start their advent calendar on Christmas, opening a compartment for each of the 12 days after Christmas.

In this article, we'll discuss various 12 days of Christmas Advent calendars and calendar ideas to help you choose the perfect Christmas countdown gift for your home during the holiday season.

The Best 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar Offerings

1. 12 Days of Christmas Dollars Advent Calendar from the Holiday Dollar Bills Company

Santa Claus is coming to town!

One of the most popular gifts people love to receive is money, especially coming in cash form as there's sometimes nothing like opening a Christmas card to reveal a crisp currency note beneath.  For this and other reasons, the 12 Days of Christmas Dollars Advent Calendar is sure to be a hit with loved ones this Holiday Season. The 12 Days of Christmas Advent calendar from the Holiday Dollar Bills company offers unique collectible Christmas themed holiday currency for each of the calendar gift slots offered on this 12 day calendar. Far from ordinary dollars, these dollars are real USD currency and each bill is also themed for your favorite Christmas character. Aside from being spendable, these holiday themed dollars. including the Santa Claus Dollar Bill! are cherished Christmas collectible items which can be displayed with your holiday decor and even may increase in value the longer you hold onto them.

These authentic US dollar bills come enclosed in a special "Snow Bank" themed box calendar, with each opening slot corresponding to an openie. It is made and processed by the US treasury with the die-cut seal of Santa Claus. Imagine how happy someone is if they get a special message from Santa every day for 12 days!

Here's what's included in the Christmas dollar bills:

  1. Official Santa Claus Dollar Bill
  2. The Official Mrs. Claus Dollar Bill
  3. The Official Christmas Elf Dollar Bill
  4. The Official Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Dollar Bill
  5. The Official Frosty the Snowman Dollar Bill
  6. The Official Jack Frost Dollar Bill
  7. The Official Nutcracker Dollar Bill
  8. The Official Gingerbread Man Dollar Bill
  9. The Official Ebenezer Scrooge Dollar Bill
  10. The Official Little Drummer Boy Dollar Bill
  11. The Official Christmas Angel Dollar Bill
  12. The Official North Polar Bear Dollar Bill

Click the icon link to order your special Santa dollar bill now!

Chocolate Advent Calendar

Sometimes there's nothing quite like a box of chocolates to set off the holiday spirit! For chocolate lovers, an advent calendar made of chocolate is certainly an exciting idea as chocolate Advent calendars are filled to the brim with sweet treats, making them the sweetest way indeed to count down the 12 days of Christmas.

You'll find various pieces of thin or thick, sweet or savory chocolate as well as a variety of choices such as Belgian, dark, hazelnut, milk chocolate, and so on in Advent calendars. You'll only get one piece a day so you better savor the taste until you get the next bite the following day. You might consider sampling one of the many established chocolate brands this holiday season such as a chocolate manufacturer like Cadbury to make best to make the most of every bite. 

Kids love the assorted chocolate flavors. You can even make it more interesting by adding a small toy or note to go along with the chocolate and add to the excitement.

Wine Advent Calendar

Cheers to 12 nights of wine! For some, Christmas isn't complete without livening things up with their favorite alcoholic beverage.

If you have a family of wine drinkers and connoisseurs, the Wine Advent calendar is a perfect match, featuring 12 glasses of wine is sure to please the pallet of wine enthusiasts everywhere. 

In addition, with the wine Advent calendar you'll have the liberty to choose your favorite red, white, and sparkling wine. A family bonding over wine and good food is the best way to celebrate the holiday season.

Depending on the wine calendar, you can include 12 to 24 miniature wine bottles. These calendars can be purchased online and in-stores but read the shipping policy carefully and ensure shipping is available to your state.

We recommend amazon for the best deals for wine Advent calendars. 

12 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar 

An advent beauty calendar is comprised of beauty products like your favorite eye shadow, mascara, face primer, and other fancy items tucked inside for the 12-day countdown.  

If you're a beauty lover, this type of Advent calendar is for you!

This type of calendar is also quite a versatile idea as you can choose from several different themed holiday calendars to eventually find the type of  beauty product that you like. Some of the more popular ideas are skincare products like toner, serums, and sunscreens. 

For example, you can choose a set of skincare like the Beauty Bio 12 Days of Glow for as low as $125. It comes with 12 deluxe skin products that can make your skin glow beautifully.

The good thing is that you'll never really run out of ideas for beauty Advent calendars, you can even make it more interesting by adding some beauty tips along with each item being opened. 

Advent Calendar Review

After reviewing some of the calendar options above, there's no doubt advent calendars can be fun and exciting. There are various ideas and varieties to choose from to try to make everyone look forward to opening their holiday gift surprise for each day for 12 days leading up to the holiday. It is indeed a timeless tradition which families can enjoy each each holiday season. 

Our Favorite Pick: The 12 Days of Christmas Dollars Holiday Advent Calendar

We recommend you try the Christmas dollar bill featuring Santa Claus this Holiday Season! These bankable and spendable dollar bills are authentic and approved by the US Treasury department so it's hard to go wrong with this gift as it's just about a guarantee to appeal to just about every person receiving it. In addition, the variety of 12 different Christmas character dollar bills which come with this Christmas Advent calendar means everyone will get a gift from one of their favorite Christmas characters. Plus, each calendar slot also reveals a personalized holiday message which you'll be thrilled to receive a special message from Santa through the Advent calendar!

Christmas Countdown: The Best Deals on Advent Calendars in 2023

Here we break down some of the best deals for Christmas Advent calendars for adults:

Advent Calendar Ideas Where to Find Price
Jewelry Advent Calendar Amazon $23.99
Wine Advent Calendar Amazon $139.99
Family Movie Advent calendar Etsy  $17.05
12 Days of Christmas Dollar Advent Calendar $69.95
Stationery Advent Calendar Etsy $60.00


If you're looking to get cheaper deals on Advent calendars, watch out for holiday coupons from your favorite stores like Target or Walmart.