The Story of The Official Easter Dollar

Golden Easter Dollars fro the Holiday Dollar Bills Company

The Story of the Official Easter Bunny Dollar

Easter Bunny Origin - How Did the Bunny Become and Easter Symbol?

The Easter Bunny has long been a cherished symbol of Easter - alongside other traditions such as Easter Dollars (or ‘Bunny Bucks’, ‘Easter Bunny Money’, ‘Golden Easter Dollars’), Easter egg hunts, Easter parades, candy, and roast ham enjoyed by families on Easter Sunday.  

Like many Easter traditions, the first mention of the Easter Bunny traces back centuries and is said to have originated in Germany, eventually reaching American shores in the 1700s with German immigrants. But let’s take a further exploration into its origins and examine what the Easter Bunny stands for and in what ways the Easter Bunny tradition exists today. 

Come with us on a journey of discovery into the history of Easter traditions, while simultaneously learning about our own journey at Holiday Dollar Bills of developing world-renowned Easter products and traditions such as the Official Easter Bunny Dollar and the Golden Easter Bunny Dollar Eggs.

The Meaning Behind Easter and Its Traditions

Easter is marked by Good Friday and Easter Sunday on the calendar, celebrating themes such as rebirth, renewal, and the arrival of spring.  

Common Easter traditions include participating in Easter egg hunts, family gatherings, indulging in chocolate and other candy as well as the giving and exchange of regular and Easter themed money, including the Official Easter Bunny Dollar Bills. This Easter Bunny money has become a staple of Easter celebrations in many households and a way to create special long-lasting memories.

Gift giving has also become an important part of the holiday tradition making the exchange of Easter Bunny Dollars – ‘The Gift of Easter Giving’ – a timeless Easter tradition.

Where does the Easter Bunny Originate?

The Easter Bunny's origins are not widely documented - at least not in one place.  

According to some legends, the Easter Bunny goes all the way back to the 18th century, when the Easter Bunny was thought to have migrated to the Pennsylvania Dutch area of America by German immigrants who brought along with them the story of the egg-laying hare named 'Osterhase' or 'Oschter Haws'. This tradition features an egg-laying rabbit who would give brightly colored eggs bearing treats as gifts to well-behaved children. As part of this yearly event, children would create nests ahead of time for the Easter Bunny, in hopes the Easter Bunny would stop to lay eggs there. This tradition eventually spread across all of North America and is widely celebrated today.

Holiday Dollar Bills History of the Golden Easter Egg

Why Does the Easter Bunny Gift Decorated Eggs?

Decorating eggs for Easter is a tradition dating all the way back to at least the 13th century, according to some sources. But why are eggs important on Easter? The egg is said to be an ancient symbol of fertility, rebirth, and new life and has also been associated with pagan festivals celebrating Spring. Eggs were also formerly a forbidden food during Lent, leading those who observe the holiday to paint and decorate them in observance of the end of the fasting period to finally enjoy them on Easter as part of a celebration.

Over time, Easter treats became more varied and included other items such as chocolate eggs and other chocolate treats, sweet candy, toys and Easter Bunny Money.

By the 19th century, decorating Easter eggs as well as Easter egg hunts became a very popular activity around Easter time and the tradition had even adopted by the nobility, who have been known to exchange beautiful, ornate eggs as Easter gifts.

The White House has also joined in on Easter celebrations and traditions with the decorating of hard-boiled eggs along with other Easter traditions used in the annual White House Easter Egg Roll race. This yearly celebration is rooted in tradition dating all the way back to 1878.

Today, eggs are still decorated in some communities as part of the Easter celebratory ritual. Adding onto the lore, the giving of the Official Easter Dollar has become a popular modern tradition, when Easter themed money is commonly gifted and collected in Easter baskets as well as put inside special Easter eggs during Easter egg hunts. The Official Easter Bunny Dollar offered by the Holiday Dollar Bills company is the only Official Currency of the Easter Bunny offered for gift giving on Easter Sunday.

The Easter Bunny Today and The Official Easter Bunny Dollar

The Official Easter Bunny Dollar Bill. Easter Basket Stuffer. Real USD!


Our historic Easter Bunny Dollar has been delivering the magic of Easter to people around the world for over 20 years. Our Easter Bunny money comes with its own unique story involving creating a ‘pay it forward’ Easter tradition and ultimate Easter Egg hunt which culminated in the discovery of golden Easter dollars. The story goes that during one year’s Easter egg hunt word had gotten around that some eggs included money as gifts instead of candy. Although these eggs ended up being hidden in the hardest to find places, it was felt that the money needed a special egg to better fit and display the money inside. In addition, it was thought strange that the Easter Bunny wouldn’t just leave his own currency instead of using regular currency, hence the beginning of the Official EASTER BUNNY DOLLAR and the GOLDEN EASTER EGG. After the Easter Egg hunt, the child who discovered the special egg containing money soon realized some of the other kids hadn’t been as lucky finding Easter eggs. Especially one of the younger children who hadn’t found any Easter Eggs at all. In response, he decided to give away the money discovered from the Special Easter Egg to the one child who hadn’t uncovered any eggs of his own and found the act of giving to be even more rewarding than keeping the special prize for himself. The Official Easter Bunny Dollar was born out of that tradition and continues to provide a gift with the spirit of ‘paying it forward’ to people worldwide on Easter.

And so, the Holiday Dollar Bills Company Official Easter Dollar and the Official GOLDEN EASTER EGG DOLLAR was born – continuing to bring joy and magic to Easter every year across the globe.  

Holiday Dollar Bills

Lovingly crafted by the Holiday Dollar Bills company, our magical OFFICIAL EASTER BUNNY DOLLAR is real USD and can be spent anywhere US currency is accepted. The portrait of our Easter Bunny Money is made in the same intaglio style engraving as official presidential portraits. Our Easter Bunny Seal is die cut to the exact measurements of the portrait section of the US dollar and printed in the highest possible quality.

And there's more to get excited about. Holiday Dollars offers a range of other Easter characters on dollars, featuring Official Easter Currency for children and adults, along with our classic GOLDEN EASTER DOLLAR available in a variety of formats featuring other Easter Characters as well.