Santa Dollars are Legal Currency: The Gift That Keeps On Giving, These Santa Dollar Bills Can be Used as Real Legal Tender Money

Santa Dollars are Legal Currency: The Gift That Keeps On Giving, These Santa Dollar Bills Can be Used as Real Legal Tender Money

Santa Dollars are Legal Currency: The Gift That Keep On Giving, These Santa Dollar Bills Can be Used as Real Legal Tender Money

The New York Fed Says These Santa Dollars Are Legitimate Legal Tender Christmas Money

Many might wonder if those holiday novelty bills featuring Santa Claus are in fact real notes of legal United States currency. Well, according to the New York Fed, some of those Santa Dollars you've seen may indeed be real! Additionally, this isn't the first time Santa has appeared on real currency, a report on the New York Fed's history of the Santa Dollar states that not only are Santa dollars indeed real genuine currency, but Santa Claus' image on bank notes has actually functioned as legal tender during the festive Holiday Season period for longer than you might think. So let's take a deep dive and explore all the ways in which the Christmas money you receive this Holiday Season will start to add up in ways you may not have expected. Join us below as we delve into the history of Santa dollars as legitimate USD currency.

Not the First Time Santa Has Appeared on Real Money

In the mid 1800s, when the Civil War conflict was weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of the American public, Santa Claus did in fact appear on pieces of legal United States money as certain banks within the United States had the privilege of issuing their own distinct banknotes. During that period, in an effort to surpass other competing banks in popularity, some banks chose to release commemorative notes featuring various images, including depictions of Santa Claus as well as other popular figures.

in New York City, the appropriately named Saint Nicholas Bank, introduced its own unique paper currency adorned with intricately engraved illustrations depicting Santa Claus delivering presents to well-behaved boys and girls. These unique notes, produced in multiple denominations, including even $3 bills, quickly became highly sought after by collectors of paper money and passionate Santa enthusiasts.

Modern Day Santa Money

Wanting to realize the dream of creating a true pay it forward Christmas Gift which could be passed on from the receiver to those in need while conveying an even deeper meaning than it conveyed to the original receiver, Santa dollars were created to remind all those who receive them of the Christmas Spirit year round. One of the first steps to achieving this dream was to create a Santa portrait depicting the same professional feel and realism as the engraving style portraits historically seen on bank notes in United States history. With the Santa Dollar portrait, it was also essential we capture the joy and magic of Christmas through Santa's presence and expression. As the name Santa Dollar suggests, a realistic engraved portrait of Santa Claus was created using the ancient style of intaglio engraving to replace George Washington's image on a one-dollar bill with that of the new Santa Claus image, adding an extra touch of Christmas magic to our age old currency.

To make the tradition extra special, Santa Dollars come encased in a one of a kind currency holder envelope featuring a special message from Santa Claus to make for an even more festive and special holiday feel. As the popularity of these notes continues to grow, look out for these special holiday bank notes at your local bank and other retail stores. Customers will be encouraged to trade in their regular dollars for the Santa dollar version, ensuring the continued spread and cheer of the Christmas Spirit indefinitely by spreading the Santa dollars into functioning legal tender. Watch out for these one of a kind Santa Dollars at your local bank during the months of November and December this holiday season as Santa dollars are finding their way all around the country, as Santa, with the help of his magical reindeer delivers to banks and retail stores near you.

Santa Dollars in a Digital Age

With the rise of e-commerce and online banking, Santa dollars have made their way into the digital world. You may find them online from the official Santa Dollar website at or through other third party websites as they have been increasingly made available at multiple online stores to purchase. Despite the growing digital age, cash is still regarded as the ultimate tangible gift, and Santa dollars continue to grow in demand year after year.

They've Been Called Festive, Joyous, Inspirational and Even Strange or Weird, but Turning a Santa Dollar into Real Money during the Festive Season Aren't Ordinary Financial Services

Santa Dollars are real currency, and one can't help but wonder, how did the curious case of Santa Dollars end up a permanent part of the Christmas landscape? To many, it might not be more than a myth, how could Santa appear on a real dollar? Well, believe it or not, the jolly man on these currency bills might be just worth its face value during the festive holiday season as Santa Dollars are 100% legal tender USD, but how exactly does the Christmas magic on dollar bills work?

These Santa Dollar currency bills, in essence, are real dollars just with official holiday-themed overlays showcasing Santa on the front. Even though this might sound like a fun gimmick, Santa dollars are indeed legal tender, banking companies and stores alike have accepted these novelty Santa dollars as real money during Christmas season.

The concept of Santa dollars and similar holiday themed financial services like the popular Valentine's day Cupid cash, Chinese New Year Lucky Dollars or Easter Bunny themed dollar bills "bunny bucks" brings an interesting dynamic to the holiday season. Big banks, as well as local banks, benefit from the promotion and circulation of these festive bills, and they have even inspired the creation of other Christmas-themed currencies such as Mrs Claus, Reindeer and Snowmen, further proving just how impactful these fun Santa dollars have become. After all, these Santa dollars are not simple toys or novelty gimmicks; they are worth their face value as real money and need to be treated as such.

Santa Dollars as Authentic USD

Despite the modification of the original dollar and the addition of the precision die cut Santa image, the US Federal Reserve has confirmed that these Santa dollars will always remain legal tender, as they possess all the necessary attributes of official USD, such as the serial number, seal, certificate of authenticity and denomination. Of course, Santa dollars can be used for certain transactions such as paying taxes, bank fees, or purchasing stamp rolls, but most businesses and people accept them as valid currency, especially during the festive season.

Gift Packaging the Santa Dollar Tradition to the Next Generation

Over the years, Holiday Dollar Bills have continued to refine and come out with new and unique versions of Santa Dollars, making them more eye-catching and unique. They're even now being offered at different denominations, such as the five, ten and 20 dollar bills to cater to popular demand. Over the years, Santa dollars took off in success, with local businesses in many states offering to sell them during the popular Christmas months of October, November and December, becoming popular as holiday tokens or presents for children who would eagerly bank them for the festive season.

In conclusion, Santa dollars, despite being an unconventional part of the Christmas landscape, are indeed legal tender money and authentic dollar bills. Banking companies and various financial services have participated in the Santa Dollar tradition by adding novelty and the fun of using Santa currency during the holidays, it's no wonder that the concept of Santa dollars has become a significant part of annual Christmas celebrations nationally and beyond.