Tooth Fairy Letter Templates, Notes, Printable Tooth Fairy Letters and Tooth Fairy Certificate Templates to Spark Your Child's Imagination:

Tooth Fairy Letter Templates for Tooth Fairy Visits

Tooth Fairy Letter Templates, Notes, Printable Tooth Fairy Letters and Tooth Fairy Certificate Templates to Spark Your Child's Imagination

As a beloved figure in children's folklore, the Tooth Fairy captures young imaginations and sprinkles a touch of magic into their lives. One of the most cherished traditions associated with this magical visitor is the exchange of letters between the Fairy and the children who eagerly await her arrival.

In this blog post, we invite you to explore a collection of free printable Tooth Fairy letter templates that beautifully encapsulate the spirit of these enchanting encounters.

With a seamless blend of simplicity and creativity, these templates are designed to make every letter from the Tooth Fairy a cherished keepsake. Some of the templates also include ones written by Kids to the Fairy.

Each template boasts a carefully curated combination of colors, captivating imagery, and thoughtfully crafted words that effortlessly transport young minds to a world where magic comes alive on paper.

Best Tooth Fairy Letters/Tooth Fairy Certificate Templates/Printable Letters and Notes for Tooth Fairies 

Best Premium Tooth Fairy Letter and Gift

The Official Dollar Bill and Letter from the Tooth Fairy

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The Official Tooth Fairy Dollar and currency holder letter is one of the most unique and memorable gifts the Tooth Fairy can leave your loved one, giving them an extra sense of authenticity due to the special touch of receiving a magical dollar which came fro the land of the Tooth Fairy, a fun and magical twist on their tooth fairy money tradition.

1. Best Tooth Fairy Letter Template for the 1st Lost Tooth

Tooth Fairy Template 1 

To begin with, this free printable letter by the tooth fairy addresses your girls by their name. Now what’s good is that you can use their pet name here for a cute touch. Moving forward, the tooth fairy writes to encourage your little one about how they are growing up, and losing their first teeth is a sign of it.

She then goes on to share how she had fun flying to your kid’s room. Then comes the part your child must be eagerly waiting for - the present! And boom, it’s a surprise, so let the guessing game start.

Additionally, there is some encouragement regarding your little one’s organized behavior. The fairy goes on to appreciate them for placing the tooth in a pouch under the pillow, making it easier for her to search for the white pearl.

This cute little tooth fairy receipt then states a small prayer and the much-needed advice for your small girl by the fairy. She wants her to keep smiling brightly, and of course, clean teeth just add to the beauty of it. Thus recommending daily flossing to achieve it.

On the top and bottom left, there are some twinkling stars and a fairy, respectively, leaving a colorful spark to allure your kid.

2. Simple Yet Effective Free Tooth Fairy Template

Tooth Fairy Template 2

The official free letter from the Tooth Fairy carries a sense of magic and delight in its simplicity. Adorned with a gentle blue hue, it features a charming illustration of teeth and a fairy, instantly capturing a child's imagination.

Addressed with care, the letter begins with a warm greeting, "Dear (Name of the Kid)," establishing a personal connection. It informs the child of the recent visit and expresses gratitude for the tooth left behind. The Tooth Fairy acknowledges the tooth's condition, indicating whether it is healthy or perhaps in need of extra brushing.

In a gesture of generosity, the Tooth Fairy reveals a delightful surprise—the presence of a gift. It becomes a tangible token of appreciation, fostering excitement and wonder. The letter concludes with a simple and kind sign-off, "Kind regards, the Tooth Fairy."

3. Beautiful Blue with a Special Touch from the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Template 2

The power of this tooth fairy letter printable lies in its ability to capture a child's attention with its inviting blue color and enchanting imagery. With concise yet meaningful words, it sparks curiosity and ignites the imagination of the kid, leaving a lasting impression on the young recipient.

The note from the Tooth Fairy is a simple and heartfelt message that conveys care and encouragement. Its design features a clean white background with gentle blue borders, exuding a sense of calm and serenity. At the top of the note, a smiling blue fairy adds a magical touch, while cute blue flags wave cheerfully.

Addressed to the sweet and beloved (Name of the Kid), the note begins with a warm greeting. The Tooth Fairy expresses appreciation for the precious tooth left behind, acknowledging the child's journey of losing many teeth at this time. The Tooth Fairy then kindly reveals that she has left two large gift box to help maintain the health of the child's new teeth.

She also imparts a gentle reminder, emphasizing the importance of caring for this one new set of teeth. She encourages the child to cherish and protect them, highlighting their uniqueness. The note concludes with a simple and loving sign-off, "Enjoy, your Tooth Fairy." The blue-colored touch makes this template more suitable for boys.

This note, with its blue fonts and delicate design elements, captivates the imagination while delivering an essential message. It serves as a social reminder to the child of the special care needed for their teeth and imparts a sense of joy and wonder associated with the Tooth Fairy's visit.

4. Good Morning Letter from the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Template 4

These printables exude a sense of delight, capturing the true magic of the Tooth Fairy's visit. Adorned with vibrant colors, the letter begins with a cheerful greeting, "Good morning," setting a positive tone. With this, the recipient immediately feels the anticipation of a special message.

At the top of the letter, a playful array of different colored stars dances across the page, adding a touch of enchantment. It ignites the child's imagination and sets the stage for the magical tale to follow.

The letter's words are carefully crafted to create a sense of wonder and excitement. It paints a picture of the Tooth Fairy's secret nighttime escapades on a flying toothbrush, gently revealing her discovery of the tooth hidden beneath the pillow.

The Tooth Fairy's delight in finding the tooth is expressed with admiration, describing it as a "fine tooth" that will join a cherished collection of fairy teeth.

The child is then tantalized with the promise of something special left in place of the tooth. The nature of the surprise is left to their imagination, building anticipation and creating a sense of joyous curiosity.

As this free letter concludes, the Tooth Fairy bids farewell, leaving the child longing for the next encounter. It reminds the child to care for their teeth, emphasizing the importance of dental hygiene and the beauty of their smile.

Overall, this letter template captivates with its vibrant colors, whimsical stars, and a tale that stirs the imagination. It invites the child into a world of magic and leaves them eagerly awaiting the next enchanting visit from the Tooth Fairy.

5. A Simple Thank You Poem From the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Template 5

Download this letter template that embraces simplicity while capturing the charm of poetry. At the bottom, a delightful image of a fairy graces the center, adding a touch of magic to the scene. The words are elegantly arranged in poetic form, inviting young ones to embark on a fascinating journey.

The opening stanza sets the stage with a gentle rhythm, using the imagery of a silent night to evoke a sense of wonder. It describes how the Tooth Fairy quietly enters the room, creating an air of mystery and anticipation.

Next, the letter reveals the Tooth Fairy's discovery of the tooth left behind, bringing a touch of excitement to the narrative for your kid. The words convey the Fairy's gratitude for the precious gift while revealing the surprise that awaits the child.

In just a few heartfelt lines, the Tooth Fairy expresses her thanks for the tooth, using simple and sincere language. The concise nature of the printables enhances its impact, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

The closing line, "Love, Tooth Fairy," conveys warmth and affection, reinforcing the magical bond between the child and the mystical visitor. It adds a touch of sweetness to the overall sentiment of the letter.

6. When the Tooth Fairy Arrives Late

Tooth Fairy Template 6

You can download this template which is exuding a sense of sincere apology and understanding while maintaining simplicity in its content. It begins by expressing regret, acknowledging the Tooth Fairy's inability to retrieve the child's tooth. It mentions the child's effort in preparing the tooth and the excitement the Tooth Fairy had in adding it to her collection.

The letter then explains the reason for the delay, stating that the Tooth Fairy encountered a windstorm during her tooth collection journey. To protect her delicate wings, she had to find shelter, which caused her delay in reaching the child's house.

The simple and relatable explanation helps the child understand the unforeseen circumstances that led to the Tooth Fairy's absence.

It then continues by mentioning that by the time the Tooth Fairy arrived, the child was already awake. This adds a touch of realism and empathy, acknowledging the child's anticipation and disappointment.

To make amends, the Tooth Fairy assures the child that she left an extra special surprise. This gesture reflects her genuine desire to bring joy and make up for the missed visit. The letter concludes with a warm sign-off, "Best wishes, the Tooth Fairy," conveying a sense of caring and positivity.

Accompanying the free letter, there is a cute stamp from Tooth Fairyland, adding a magical touch. Additionally, a simple picture of a fairy may adorn the letter, enhancing the child's imagination and visualizing the Tooth Fairy's presence.

Overall, these printables maintain a straightforward tone while acknowledging the Tooth Fairy's delay and offering an extra special surprise. It conveys a sense of sincerity and understanding, assuring the child that the Tooth Fairy cares deeply and wishes to bring joy in every visit.

This free letter template features a clean white background adorned with elegant blue borders, creating a sense of simplicity and sophistication. It begins with a friendly greeting, "Nice to view you again, fairy friend," establishing a warm connection between the child and the Tooth Fairy.

The letter expresses an apology for the Tooth Fairy's tardiness in collecting the child's tooth this time. It explains that sometimes the Tooth Fairy has many visits to make to other children and needs to wait until they are asleep before she can retrieve their teeth.

This simple explanation helps the child understand that the Tooth Fairy has many responsibilities and ensures that their tooth will be well taken care of.

The letter assures the child that the tooth is in good hands while it's in the Tooth Fairy's care. It reflects the Tooth Fairy's commitment to the proper handling of each tooth and highlights her dedication to her role.

This printable certificate concludes with a promise to see the child again soon, reinforcing the special bond between them as fairy friends. A picture of a fairy with a blue dress and smiling teeth adds a touch of whimsy and playfulness, enhancing the visual appeal and capturing the child's imagination.


7. A Thank You Letter to the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Template 7

With a charming white background adorned by delicate pink designed borders, this free and unique letter template carries a personal touch from the child themselves. The fairy letter begins with the date, adding a sense of authenticity and capturing the moment in time.

Addressed directly to the Tooth Fairy, the child's words express their thoughtfulness and consideration. They mention setting up a little bed for the Tooth Fairy to rest between her flights, showcasing their understanding of the Fairy's magical journeys.

The child surprises the Tooth Fairy with a tiny little tooth, carefully placed in a pocket. This gesture showcases their excitement and anticipation, adding a delightful twist to the traditional exchange.

In a gentle request, the child acknowledges that they are not supposed to ask but expresses their sincere desire for a treat. Their innocent plea adds a touch of sweetness and reveals their hope for a small reward.

The letter is signed by the child, bringing an endearing personal touch. It showcases their ownership of the letter, emphasizing their participation in the magical interaction with the Tooth Fairy.

Accompanying the letter, a charming picture of a fairy and a snail adds an adorable and whimsical element. This unique template stands out from others as it showcases the child's perspective and creativity, allowing them to play an active role in the enchantment of the Tooth Fairy's visit.

Overall, this special letter template, with its white background and pink designed borders, carries a heartfelt message from the child themselves. It fosters a sense of wonder, imagination, and personal connection, making it a treasured keepsake for both the child and the Tooth Fairy.

8. The Tooth Fairy Comes in Pink

Tooth Fairy Template 8

In a delightful pink hue, the coloring of joy and sweetness, this enchanting letter from the Tooth Fairy brings warmth and encouragement. Adorned with several white tooth illustrations, it captures the essence of dental care and the magic of tooth collection.

The letter begins with a heartfelt expression of gratitude, thanking the child for the most beautiful tooth they left behind. This appreciation reinforces the child's sense of accomplishment and pride in their dental hygiene efforts.

With gentle words of praise, the Tooth Fairy acknowledges the child's commitment to taking good care of their teeth. This positive reinforcement motivates the child to continue their diligent oral care routine.

The letter carries a promise of future surprises, acting as an incentive for the child to maintain their dental health. The Tooth Fairy encourages the child to keep up the good work, highlighting that each time they leave a pearly white tooth, a special surprise awaits.

A stamp from Fairyland, adorned on the letter, adds a touch of authenticity and enchantment. It further enhances the magical atmosphere surrounding the Tooth Fairy's visit. A beautiful picture of a fairy graces the letter, capturing the child's imagination and immersing them in the whimsical world of the Tooth Fairy.

The letter concludes with warm wishes, assuring the child that the Tooth Fairy will return in the future. This sign-off leaves the child eagerly anticipating the next visit and fosters a sense of excitement and wonder.

Overall, this lovely pink-colored letter, adorned with white favorites tooth illustrations, a stamp from Fairyland, and a beautiful fairy's picture, conveys appreciation, encouragement, and anticipation. It creates a memorable and enchanting experience for the child, strengthening their connection to the magical realm of the Tooth Fairy.

9. A Healthy Tooth Hygiene Message From the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Template 9

On a pristine white background, a captivating blue painting takes center stage, adorned with a content-looking fairy and flowing stars. The fairy's serene expression and the twinkling stars add a touch of magic and wonder to the letter. Accompanying the enchanting imagery, a stamp from Fairyland lends an air of authenticity and whimsy.

The letter begins with a heartfelt "Dear," establishing a personal connection between the Tooth Fairy and the child. It expresses gratitude for the playful tooth left behind, noting its exceptional whiteness and brightness. This acknowledgment reinforces the child's efforts in maintaining their oral hygiene.

With a gentle reminder, the Tooth Fairy encourages the child to continue brushing diligently and take good care of all their teeth. This advice underscores the importance of dental care and instills a sense of responsibility in the child.

The letter concludes with a sign-off from the Tooth Fairy, written fancily, adding a touch of elegance and charm. It evokes the magical nature of the Tooth Fairy's world, enhancing the enchantment of the letter.

Overall, this letter template features a tranquil white background, a mesmerizing blue painting with a content fairy and flowing stars, and a stamp from Fairyland. The content itself expresses gratitude, offers encouragement, and creates a sense of anticipation for the Tooth Fairy's return.

It is a letter that celebrates the beauty of the child's tooth and fosters a continued commitment to oral care, all while immersing the child in a world of magic and delight.

10. An Official Acknowledgement from the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Template 10

Against a serene white background with horizontal borders, a simple yet heartfelt letter takes form. At the top middle, a picture of teeth adds a touch of playfulness to the design.

The letter begins by informing the recipient that the Tooth Fairy made her visit the previous night. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, she forgot to bring the anticipated gift in return for the tooth. The tone of the letter conveys sincerity and regret, acknowledging the expectation that was not fulfilled.

The fairy printable letter continues by extending the Tooth Fairy's deepest apologies for the oversight. This expression of remorse demonstrates the Fairy's genuine concern for the child's experience and emphasizes her desire to make things right.

Reassurance is offered that a special surprise is on its way, reinforcing the ideas that the Tooth Fairy remains committed to bringing joy and delight. This assurance aims to maintain the child's excitement and anticipation, even in the face of temporary disappointment.

The letter concludes by expressing gratitude for the recipient's patience. This note of appreciation acknowledges the child's understanding and patience, reinforcing the importance of these qualities.

Overall, this letter template, with its simple white background, horizontal borders, and a picture of teeth, effectively communicates the Tooth Fairy's regret for forgetting the gift while assuring the child that a special surprise is forthcoming. It showcases the Tooth Fairy's commitment to making amends and nurturing the child's anticipation and belief in the magic that awaits.

11. A Heartfelt Letter from the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Template 11

Against a delightful flowery background, a heartfelt letter from the child takes shape. The letter begins with a simple yet excited greeting, addressing the Tooth Fairy directly.

The child expresses their enthusiasm over losing their first tooth, conveying their sense of accomplishment and wonder. They highlight the fact that the tooth had been growing for some time before finally coming out, adding to its significance.

Acknowledging the future growth and development of their permanent teeth, the child emphasizes the unique value of this first tooth. They understand that there will be more teeth to come, but this tooth holds a special place in their heart.

The child expresses confidence that the Tooth Fairy will find great value in the tooth, as they believe it is precious and important. This trust in the Tooth Fairy's wisdom and appreciation adds to the child's anticipation and excitement.

The letter concludes with a heartfelt thank you and is signed with the child's name, fostering a personal connection and sense of ownership in the correspondence.

Accompanying the letter, there is an editable tooth picture where the child can paste their tooth, adding a tangible element to the communication and enhancing the child's engagement and pride in their milestone.

Overall, this letter template with its flowery background and heartfelt content captures the joy and significance of the child's first lost tooth. It conveys their excitement and appreciation for the Tooth Fairy's role, creating a memorable and personal exchange between the child and the enchanting visitor.

How to Select Tooth Fairy Letter Template - Some Resources to Consider

When you download a fairy tale template for a child, there are a few important factors to consider. These considerations will help ensure that the template aligns with the child's age, interests, and reading level, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Age Appropriateness: Choose a template that is suitable for the child's age. Younger children may benefit from simpler language and shorter stories, while older ones might enjoy more complex plots and vocabulary.

2. Interests and Themes: Consider the child's interests and the themes they enjoy. Whether it's magic, adventure, animals, or princesses, selecting a template that incorporates their favorite elements will captivate their imagination and make the letter more relatable.

3. Reading Level: Assess the child's reading level to ensure that the template matches their abilities. Opt for a template that strikes a balance between challenging and accessible, allowing the child to enjoy the letter’s content while also expanding their reading skills.

4. Visual Appeal: Take note of the template's visual elements. Colorful illustrations, engaging fonts, and appealing layouts can enhance the child's interest and make the reading experience more immersive.

5. Moral Values and Lessons: Consider whether the fairy tale template conveys positive values and teaches valuable life lessons. Look for letters that promote kindness, courage, empathy, and resilience, helping to instill important values in the child.

6. Cultural Diversity and Inclusion: Embrace original diversity by choosing templates that feature fairy characters from different backgrounds and cultures. This can broaden the child's understanding of the world and foster inclusivity.

7. Length and Structure: Take the length and structure of the template into consideration as well. Younger children may prefer shorter letters with simple wording, while elders might enjoy longer narratives with more intricate details.

By considering these factors, you can select a fairy tale template that aligns with the child's age, interests, and reading level, creating a memorable and enjoyable reading experience that sparks their imagination and love for stories.

What to Write in Your Tooth Fairy Letter

If you choose to write your own Tooth Fairy Letter, here are a few tips to consider including in your own letter which can add some additional substance and fun into your next Tooth Fairy visit!

  • The importance of oral hygiene. Reminders such as encouraging your child to brush their teeth twice a day and floss regularly are all great topics to include in your Tooth Fairy Letter to add some healthy education to the overall experience.
  • Remembering the details surrounding how the tooth was lost and recounting them in the letter can help create the impression that the Tooth Fairy is watching over your child and makes the experience feel more magical.
  • If your child has questions they bring up about the Tooth Fairy often, try to jot down and remember some of these questions so you can answer some of the from the Tooth Fairy in your letter. This helps create a personal touch and can also make the Tooth Fairy experience feel more personal and magical.

How Much Money Should the Tooth Fairy Give?

According to Official Data collected from the Holiday Dollar Bills Company, after being involved with thousands of Tooth Fairy visits, the average amount left by the Tooth Fairy is $3.80 per visit. To learn More please visit our in-depth article on the amount of money the Tooth Fairy leaves here.

How Much Money Does the Tooth Fairy Leave?


The tooth fairy templates offer a delightful way to engage children's imagination and create magical experiences. You can download these templates from this article as well. These templates, with their charming designs and carefully crafted content, provide a canvas for personalized communication between children and the mystical characters they adore.

Throughout this article, we have explored the enchanting world of fairytale letter templates and their significance in fostering wonder, creativity, and a sense of connection. These templates allow children to participate in the magic by writing their own messages or receiving personalized letters from beloved fairytale characters like the Tooth Fairy or a friendly fairy friend.

By using fairytale letter templates, children can experience the joy of receiving personalized messages that ignite their imagination, reinforce positive values, and create cherished memories. These templates, adorned with whimsical illustrations and carefully chosen words, capture the essence of enchantment and provide a magical backdrop for communication between children and their fairy tale friends.

Whether expressing gratitude for a lost tooth, seeking forgiveness for a delayed visit, or simply engaging in imaginative play, fairytale letter templates bring joy and excitement to children's lives. They serve as a beautiful reminder of the power of storytelling and the enduring magic that resides within every child's heart.