The Official Easter Bunny Dollar Bill. Real 2.0 USD V2 Bunny in Suit. Each Bill Comes with an Easter Card and Currency Holder. Easter Basket Stuffer/Filler. Bunny Buck - Bunny Money

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Welcome to the World of the Golden Easter Bunny Dollars 

Bunny Bucks Offered by Holiday Dollars are Now Offered in Magical Golden Easter Eggs - The Official Dollar Bills of Easter - 100% Real USD. Bankable & Spendable

• Each $2 USD Bank Note is Genuine Authentic United States Currency Legal Tender featuring a Bunny portrait seal placed over the front of the bill covering the portrait of George Washington and creating an Easter Bunny Dollar Bill.

• This US $2 Bill has been enhanced with a special and unique die cut seal process by The Easter Dollar Bill Collection. This process
produces a seamless Easter Seal integration with an existing USD $2 creating an Easter Bunny Money collectible work of art combined with an authentic USD $2 Bill.

• Each bill comes displayed in an Easter Card Currency Holder Card issued by the Easter Dollar Bills Company. This currency holder displays a certificate of authenticity as well as a message from the Easter Bunny.

• Each USD $2 bill is brand new and in uncirculated condition.

• This is the Official Easter Bunny Dollar Bill offered by Easter Dollar Bills and is part of the Official Easter Bunny Cash Currency Collection.

Help share the magic of the Easter Bunny with the giving of this unique Easter Bunny Dollar Bill and Easter Gift Card. This bill is 100% real 2.0 USD. Included with this dollar bill is an Easter card which features a sweet message from the Easter Bunny. Each package contains:

1 x Easter Bunny 2.0 Real USD Dollar

1 x Easter Bunny Letter and Currency Holder

The Perfect Easter Gift package this Holiday! Add this adorable Easter Bunny Money to your Easter Cash collection today!

Bunny Bucks are a perfect Easter Gift

Bunny Bucks are the perfect Easter Gifts to make your Easter celebration extra special for all! Through the giving of Easter Dollars, you add an exciting twist to your money giving Easter traditions and create unforgettable Easter memories. Whether you're filling Easter baskets, planning an Easter party, or organizing an egg hunt, Bunny Bucks are the perfect addition to elevate the fun and excitement of the occasion.

Easter Dollar Bills are an Easter Favorite for Your Easter Parties and Celebrations

Make your Easter celebrations a favorite with Easter Dollar Bills! Starting with adorable bunny-themed currency notes, also known as Bunny Money are sure to be a hit among kids and adults alike. A great addition to add to your Easter cards, a unique egg filler for your Easter egg hunt, or as a creative way to give Easter money gifts. Easter Dollars are a versatile and fun addition to any Easter activity and they aren’t just simply available as the Easter Bunny. Also available are other Easter character favorites such as Mrs Easter Bunny, The Easter Lamb, The Easter Chick, The Spring Duckling and More!

Make it a Money Easter Dollar to Remember

These cute and colorful currency notes are a fantastic way to give kids and adults a classic gift they’ll love, while also adding an element of fun to your Easter festivities. In addition to being real USD, which you can spend as the face value of the bill, you can take it a step further by using Bunny Bucks as a tangible representation of Easter money to let kids learn the value of saving and spending in a fun and interactive way. Included with your Easter Bunny Buck is a tri-fold currency holder which features a heartfelt message from the Easter bunny emphasizing the spirit of giving on Easter.

Bunny Bucks Make Great Easter Basket Fillers

Fill your Easter baskets with the charm of Bunny Bucks! These cute and colorful currency notes are the perfect addition to any Easter basket, adding an extra touch of whimsy and excitement to any Easter Basket or Easter Egg hunt. Use Bunny Bucks as a creative alternative to traditional Easter treats, or as a fun way to reward kids for their Easter activities. The joy of finding Bunny Bucks in their Easter baskets and during their Easter Egg hunts will make your Easter even more special for kids and adults alike. See our Magical Golden Easter Bunny Eggs which are prefilled with Bunny Bucks for More information.

Easter Bucks as a Fun Addition to Easter Games


Hop into Easter fun with Bunny Bucks! Use Bunny Money as the currency of choice for your Easter games and activities to add an extra element of fun and excitement. Let kids earn Bunny Bucks by finding eggs, participating in contests, or completing challenges. Then, let them use their Bunny Bucks to redeem larger prizes or treats. Bunny Bucks are a unique and engaging way to make your Easter celebrations unforgettable.

Easter Money is Entertaining for All!

Keep your guests entertained with Bunny Bucks and other Easter Money! The giving of Bunny Bucks to friends and family is a perfect way to bring a fun and interactive element into your Easter party. Your guests will love the extra playful and festive vibe that Bunny Bucks bring to your Easter party, making them great party favors for guests of all ages.

Fast Shipping for Easter Dollars, Just as Fast as the Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny is known for speed but our shipping options give even the Easter Bunny a run for its money. Get you Bunny Bucks delivered to your doorstep hassle-free! We understand the importance of convenience, and that's why we offer easy and reliable shipping options for your Bunny Bucks purchase. Simply place your order, and your Bunny Bucks will be delivered right to your door, ready to add excitement to your Easter celebrations.

Large Format Custom Made Golden Easter Eggs with Easter bunny Bucks Inside for Your Next Easter Egg Hunt

Use Golden Easter Eggs and Dollars with Bunny Bucks as a unique alternative to traditional Easter eggs! Hide Bunny Bucks in your Easter egg hunt to add an extra element of surprise and excitement. Kids will love searching for these Golden Eggs with special money inside as the ultimate prize in their Easter Egg hunt. The joy of discovering these Golden Eggs with Bunny Bucks inside will make their Easter egg hunt even more thrilling.

Bunny Money, a New Easter Tradition that will Last for Generations

Bunny Bucks are the latest trend for Easter fun and excitement! Join the excitement and make your Easter celebrations stand out with Easter Bunny Bucks. Whether you're hosting an Easter party, planning an egg hunt, or filling Easter baskets, Bunny Bucks are the perfect addition to elevate your Easter traditions to a whole new level that will bring endless joy, year after year. Check back often as we’re always creating new additions to our Easter offerings.

Mix and Match with Easter Dollars, Candy and Other Prizes

Reward kids with sweet treats using Bunny Bucks or add sweets and other prizes to your Easter Dollar Cards, Golden Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets! Use Bunny Bucks as a creative way to give out candy or other treats during your Easter celebrations. Kids will love using their Bunny Bucks to redeem their favorite sweets.

The Official and Authentic Currency of Easter

Easter Bunny Dollars offered by the Holiday Dollar Bills Company are the Official and Authentic Dollar Bill of the Easter Bunny and Easter. Real USD, Bankable & Spendable wherever USD currency is accepted. The perfect Easter Gift package this Holiday! Great for easter Basket Fillers and Stuffers. Add this adorable Easter Bunny Money to your Easter Cash collection today The perfect Easter Gift package this Holiday! Great for easter Basket Fillers and Stuffers. Add this adorable Easter Bunny Money to your Easter Cash collection today!