Donald Trump Mugshot Official $2 Dollar Bill w/ Presidential Currency Card. Presidential Futures Collection - REAL USD!

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Official Donald Trump Mugshot $2 Dollar Bill: Donald Trump on a Real $2 Bill. Commemorative 45th President Dollars. New 2 Dollar Bill in Uncirculated Condition. Trump Never Surrender Version. Both Realistic Tone and Colorized Versions Available. Get the Famous Mugshot Trump 2 Dollar Bill Today!

Trump $2 Bill. Famous Mugshot Version. A Timeless American Classic. Donald Trump Dollar Bill

The Donald Trump Mugshot 2 Dollar Bill is Real Legal Tender USD, both Bankable & Spendable! This dollar is the Authentic Collectible Donald Trump 45th President Dollar Bill from the Presidential Mint Futures Collection of Holiday Dollar Bills! Our Presidential Futures set features Dollar Bills of recent American presidents immortalized on their own unique collectible currency. These dollar bills are authentic US dollar bills featuring a die-cut seal of the president over the face of the bill. Each bill is in crisp uncirculated condition. This edition features the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. This specific version showcases the famous mugshot seen round the world of President Trump. Made by a process approved by the US Department of the Treasury. Every Presidential Futures Dollar Bill comes enclosed in a specially-made tri-fold currency holder envelope featuring a U.S president. The Perfect novelty gift to add to your currency collection. Order your Donald Trump Dollar Bill package today… and happy shopping!

Trump Mugshot 2 Dollar Bill

100% Legal USD $2 Dollars in New Mint Condition. Trump Never Surrender Mugshot $2 Bill Uncirculated Commemorative of the 45th US President, Mugshot 2 Dollar Bill. 

• Each $2 USD Bank Note is Genuine Authentic United States Currency Legal Tender featuring a Presidential portrait seal placed over the front of the bill covering the portrait of George Washington and creating a Presidential Futures Dollar Bill.

• This US $2 Bill has been enhanced with a special and unique die cut seal process by The Presidential Futures Currency Collection. This process produces a seamless Presidential seal integration with an existing USD $2 creating a collectible work of art combined with an authentic USD $2 Bill. The Trump Mugshot seal is placed over the bill, directly center in the portrait oval.

• These Dollar bills are brought to you direct from the sealed  treasury department brand new and uncirculated money bundles.

Donald Trump 45th President Uncirculated Two Dollar Bill Special Edition Collectible Display Holder and Certificate. Product Description and Contents. 2 Bill Uncirculated

Each Trump 45th President Uncirculated Two Dollar Bill Comes With:

1 x Donald Trump $2 Bill Never Surrender Mugshot Commemorative Dollar Bill. This dollar bill is in brand new and in uncirculated Condition. 

1 x Donald Trump commemorative folio currency holder card. 

Is the Trump $2 Bill Real?

The Trump $2 Bill is real. Consisting of 100% authentic and genuine USD bank note featuring an engraved presidential seal of Donald Trump on the face of the bill. Redeemable anywhere the US dollar is accepted for its 2.0 USD face value and a fast growing collectors item which can potentially increase in value as its novelty factor continues to rise.  Sourced real dollar bills direct from sealed treasury department currency bundles. 

Trump Currency Holder Sleeve Included with Each Trump Bill, Forming Complete Currency Gifts

• Each bill comes displayed in a Tri-Fold Presidential Currency Holder Card issued by the top selling Presidential Futures Currency Company. This currency holder displays a certificate of authenticity.

• Each USD $2 bill is brand new and in uncirculated mint condition. Every Trump Dollar is 100% legal USD with the Trump mugshot portrait shown front and center.

• This is the Official Dollar Bill of Donald Trump offered by Presidential Futures Dollar Bills and is part of the Presidential Futures Currency Collection.

Shipping and Handling: Fast and Secure Shipping

Shipping is fast and secure for all Trump Dollars. Your Trump two dollar bill will ship within 1-2 business days with tracking. You'll receive a notice when your Trump $2 Bill ships along with a corresponding tracking number, keeping you updated with shipping information every step of the way. Your commemorative Trump dollars will arrive in a secure package ensuring the bill arrives in pristine condition. Delivery is offered 6 days a week, including weekend delivery Sat. Ask about free shipping which is available for bulk purchases.

The Unique Appeal of the Collectible Donald Trump 2 Dollar Bill. A must Have Bank Note for Trump fans and supporters. Make America Great Again and Make Americans Great Again.

The unique appeal of the collectible Donald Trump 2 Dollar Bill comes from its intrinsic value as a symbolic representation of Trump's presidency and legacy. This Bill helps to not only commemorate the former President, but also serves as a symbol of support for the path for Donald Trump to win the 2024 Presidential election. The Trump $2 Bill is certainly not your everyday $2 bill, it's the Trump 2 dollar bill, catering specifically to the likes of Trump fans and anyone who appreciates unique currency collectibles. A Donald Trump $2 bill comes with an air of novelty and exclusivity which few other collectible dollar bills can match, setting this bill apart from all the competitors. Don't miss the chance to get the Official 2 Donald Trump Mughsot tender.

Trump the Art of the Deal Dollar: $2 Donald Trump Mugshot Tender Note (New)

Donald Trump is well known for his book "The Art of the Deal" where he reveals the secrets of success when it comes to tough business deals. The same tactics Donald used when dealing with shrewd leaders such as president Xi of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia. These new and uncirculated Trump dollars represent the "Art of the Dollar". With the These bills are 100% new and uncirculated, coming direct from sealed treasury packs, You get a commemorative piece of American history which represent the fight and struggle of 45th American President Trump and his fight to drain the swamp against the political establishment.

DONALD TRUMP 45th INAUGURATION $2 Bill Certificate of Authenticity

This is the Official and Authentic Trump $2 Bill which is Real USD both Bankable and Spendable. Each Trump 2 Dollar Bill comes with a certificate of authenticity ensuring your bill is the Official Dollar offered by the Holiday Dollar Bills Company in partnership with the Presidential Mint. Each bill has a unique serial number and is part of a limited edition collection. This dollar bills is made to commemorate when Trump makes history by winning the 2018 Presidential election and becoming the 45th United States President.

Unmatched Luxurious Quality that the Trump Brand Demands. Ancient Intaglio Engraving Dollar Portrait Art

The portrait of this dollar bill depicting Donald Trump is made in the same intaglio engraving style as the long and storied presidential portrait tradition, hand engraved to make a realistic portrait engraving of the highest standard.

An American Testament to the Growing Legacy of Donald Trump

The Trump 2 Dollar Bill has a certain unique appeal that isn't contained solely on those who supported Trump during his presidency. It can be seen as a unique memento that captures a defining period in American history. No other bill can quite match the uniquely captivating appeal of this particular t

This Bill is a Must Have for Trump Enthusiasts and Patriots

The allure of the collectible Donald Trump 2 dollar bill is undeniable to Trump enthusiasts and American patriots alike. A symbol of Donald Trump, President of the United states, who has been known as a true American patriot who always puts America first in the service if his country. A champion of freedom, small businesses and common sense policy to keep America safe and prosperous. For many, owning the Trump 2 dollar bill signifies a personal connection to a leader who inpsires them. Maybe they admire Trump's business acumen, his frank delivery, or his policies, but whatever the reason, this bill gives them a tangible piece of the Trump era that they can hold onto as well as a rallying call to another Trump presidential run in 2024. An emblem of a momentous time in US history when Trump’s unconventional approach to politics and the office  presidency left an indelible mark which will continue to shape American politics for years to come.

President of the United States: Commemorate President Donald Trump. 45th President of the United States and True American Patriot

Add to that the exclusivity of this collectors item as part of a limited edition collection and a unique expression of the continued enthusiastic support for Trump. 

Trump 2 Dollar Bills are sure to be a big hit as collectible gifts for you and your loved ones. Best of all, each Trump bill sold will continue to be a unique collectible  Don't miss the chance to have your Trump bucks in hand when you attend your next Trump Rally to waive them in the air as the room chants "Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump" in honor of their favorite president.

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Also Available in Sets. Donald Trump 2024 Re-Election Limited Edition Novelty Dollar Bill - Pack of 8


Trump Dollar Bills are also available in sets as both one and two and dollar 8-packs. An unmatched value of your favorite President.

About the Trump Mugshot

In August 2023, Donald Trump made headlines when he was formally arrested, booked and photographed for a mugshot at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, an unprecedented event for a former U.S. president. This ultimate development which led to Trump's arrest and mughsot was part of a larger legal saga involving multiple charges across different jurisdictions. These charges included alleged attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election as well as alleged accusations of illegally stowing classified documents at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago.

Sequence of Events on the Day the Famous Trump Mugshot was Taken

Trump arrived on time and voluntarily at the Fulton County jail shortly after 7:30 p.m. ET in a presidential-style motorcade. He was then subsequently booked, fingerprinted and photographed for a mug shot within minutes, according to jail records. Trump was then quickly released, according to official records, the entire process took about 20 minutes as he was booked at 7:30 p.m. ET and then released before 8:00 p.m. He was in and out of the jail in about 20 minutes.

Charges Leading to Trump's Arrest and Mugshot

Trump was indicted on charges related specifically to the mishandling of classified documents. The alleged charges were that Trump took classified documents from the White House and stored them at his Mar-a-Lago Florida Estate. More specifically, these charges centered around allegations that he had illegally retained national defense information. These charges were significant, including allegations of obstruction and making false statements to federal authorities. 

Arrest and Mugshot Location

Trump surrendered to authorities in Atlanta, Georgia. At the time, Trump was also facing a separate but simultaneous legal battle in the state, concerning efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia where Trump was also indicted by a Georgia grand jury for alleged racketeering, conspiracy and other charges in Fulton County, Georgia, the result of a more than two-year investigation by District Attorney Fani Willis into potential 2020 election interference in that state.. However, the mugshot that gained widespread media attention was taken as the direct result of the alleged harboring of classified documents case. After Trump's surrender, he was booked, and as part of the booking process, the famous mugshot was taken.


Following his booking, Trump was released. The Fulton county Sheriff’s office released his mugshot which was quickly circulated across various media platforms, becoming a symbol of Trump's legal troubles as well as a symbol of Trump's fighting spirit and never surrender attitude. Trump's arrest intensified the political discourse around his actions, both during and post Trump's presidency. Trump's popularity and claiming the charges were politically motivated and an attempt to derail his potential run for the presidency in 2024 have served to energize his base, increase his popularity and harm the reputation of his accusers.

The legal proceedings and Trump's mugshot marked a significant moment in American political history, highlighting the ongoing legal challenges faced by the former president and their implications for U.S. political stability and legal norms, as well as putting a spotlight on abuse of political powers during a presidential election, as for the first time n History the sitting president, Joe Biden, has been accused of using the advantage of his office to bring legal action agains a political opponent.