Frosty the Snowman Dollar Bill Stocking Stuffer Complete Gift Christmas Gift Package with Holiday Greeting Card. Affordable Christmas Gift

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The Official Frosty the Snowman $1 Dollar Bill: Give the Gift of Christmas Giving

The Official and Authentic Frosty the Snowman Dollar Bills

Real 1.0 USD. Bankable & Spendable.

Frosty the Snowman is coming to town!

This holiday season, gift your loved ones these unique and custom-designed Frosty the Snowman Bills which make adorable Holiday Money Christmas gifts!

Our Snowman Dollar Bills are authentic US dollar bills featuring a die-cut seal of Santa Claus, made by a process approved by the US Treasury. Every Snowman Dollar Bill comes enclosed in a specially-made festive envelope with a sweet message for the holidays.

The Official Snowman $1 Dollar Bill of Christmas is a real 1.0 USD bill that has been issued by the Snow Bank of the North Pole. This bankable and spendable bill is perfect for Christmas gift-giving, stocking stuffing, or simply keeping as a unique holiday decoration. The Official Snowman Dollar Bill of Christmas is an official legal tender of the North Pole, making it a great addition to any collection.

Santa Dollar Product Details

• Each $1 USD Bank Note is Genuine Authentic United States Currency Legal Tender featuring a Snowman portrait seal placed over the front of the bill covering the portrait of George Washington and creating a Snowman Dollar Bill.

• This US $1 Bill has been enhanced with a special and unique die cut seal process by The Holiday Dollar Bill Collection. This process produces a seamless Snowman Seal integration with an existing USD $1 creating a Snowman Money Christmas collectible work of art combined with an authentic USD $1 Bill.

• Each bill comes displayed in a Christmas Greeting featuring a message of spreading holiday cheer from the Snowman himself and issued by the Holiday Dollar Bills Company.

• Each USD $1 bill is brand new, crisp and in uncirculated condition.

• This is the Official Snowman Dollar Bill offered by the Holiday Dollar Bills Company and is part of the Christmas Money Currency Collection.

Christmas Card and Currency Holder Included With a Letter from Santa

Each Official Snowman Dollar comes with an Official Currency Holder issued from Snow Bank of the North Pole and completed at Santa's workshop with a message inside from Snowmans. This currency holder is a tri-fold layout which not only protects your Santa Dollars from all sides but also features a letter from the Snowman as well a certificate of authenticity for your Official Snowman Dollar. Each tri-fold Greeting Card and Snowman letter is Officially Licensed by the Holiday Dollar Bills company and Santa's Workshop.

Each Snowman Dollar Gift Package Contains

1 x Official Snowman Dollar Bill

1 x Tri-fold Snowman Greeting Card with Letter from the Snowman as well as a Certificate of Authenticity Inside

Order your Snowman Dollar Bill gift package today… and Happy Holidays!

Fast Shipping and Delivery

Every Snowman Dollar is personally delivered by Santa and his Reindeer and will arrive in stationery from Snow Bank and the North Pole!

About Holiday Dollar Bills

  • Family owned business for over 15 years
  • Real USD. Bankable & Spendable
  • Highest quality Snowman Dollar Seals found anywhere, done in Intaglio style engraving and die cut for a perfect fit
  • Highest quality Snowman Dollar item offered anywhere
  • Highest quality linen cover for the Snowman's tri-fold currency holder cards
  • Several different Santa Cards to choose from
  • North Pole stationery on each Santa Dollar
  • Santa's true signature on every tri-fold currency holder letter
  • Postage stamp from the NORTH POLE
  • New additions added to the Christmas Currency Collection each year

A Full Lineup of Christmas Dollars and Tri-fold Greeting Cards Available

Explore our full collection and send the Merriest of Christmas wishes to family and friends with Holiday Dollar Bills and tri-fold greeting cards. Choose from a wide range of design styles—from modern and elegant, to classic with traditional Christmas icons such as Santa, Santa's Reindeer and Snowman, to cute characters like the Gingerbread Man and Jack Frost that kids are sure to love. Enjoy Holiday Dollars in other formats as well. Check our 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar and Stocking Stuffer Christmas Dollar Book as well!

Santa Dollars are Available in Several Different Denominations

Please see our full catalogue to get your Santa Dollar in $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 denominations!

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